In 2020 Pearl Compost teamed up with Theory (Sophie Seita) to make the film Pearl and Theory make Compost. On that occasion the compost bin was situated in Blairgowrie, where Pearl has been based since lockdown started.

For her new project, spring 2021, the compost will be located in the 201 Telephone Box Gallery in Fife. A chance to study the worms removed from their natural environment. (Though still given all they need to live fulfilling and productive lives.)


Composting is a process of layering of green and brown matter, digested by worms. At the beginning of the exhibition, Pearl Compost will add fresh vegetable waste and strips of cardboard on which are written questions (about anything, including coronavirus and lockdown) supplied by the public.

Questions for Pearl Compost will be invited via the
COM(M)POST Facebook page. Pearl will also visit Strathkinness Community Garden and questions will be solicited from the gardeners there, so that the worms are given more to chew on.

After a month, Pearl Compost will release the compost from the telephone box and she will communicate the worms’ answers to the questions that have been put to them. It must be remembered that all worms are equal. Worms work for the greater good of all. All worms are queer (being intersex/hermaphrodite). Worms feel deeply (they have five hearts). Worms work slowly but relentlessly. As worms eat, they separate truth from lies, big truths from little truths, and big lies from little lies: a complicated process.

Spring is a time of regrowth and renewal and, especially in 2021, of HOPE. Pearl’s performance will tune into this spirit in a playful and non-didactic way.

  • Installation: Easter Sunday.
  • 201 Telephone Box Gallery installation viewable by the public. From Sunday April 4 to Sunday May 2.
  • Closing performance, May 2 at 3.45pm. All welcome on the day. Questions welcome in advance of the day. (Give the worms a chance to do their thing,)

This page will be updated as we go along.