Artist statement

I am a performance artist based in Glasgow. Within my practice I work collaboratively, collectively and individually. My interests and themes focus on visibility of older women, ageing, friendship and conflict, feminism and the collaborative process. My work involves artistic personas performed in different contexts and environments: public spaces, galleries, domestically, in cabaret and within the landscape.

Exhibitions and Events

2018, 20 April-7 May. XSexcentenary are part of Glasgow International with
Not Dead Yet. Three performances at the Necropolis and a One-Stop Memorial Shop at their hub space at Ladywell Business Centre on Duke Street. XSexcentenary will be co-curated by me and Holly Knox-Yeoman.

2018, 20 - 29 April XSexcentenary video (Now U C Me) in group show, Rumpy Bees and Pumpy Blooms at the Klosterpresse in Frankfurt. Curated by Line Krom.

2018, 28 April Popping up as Art Scrubber throughout 'Outskirts' at Platform, Easterhouse, Glasgow.

2018, 5 April, Performing Vacuous Vanities as part of 'Dive Queer Party's Goddess Awards', hosted by Miss Annabel Sings, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh.

2018, March 13. As part of International Women's Day 2018, invited by Janice Aitken to collaborate on
My Silence Will Not Protect Me. All Janice's photographs of fellow collaborators can be seen on the hoardings at Dundee Waterside until May 11, 2018. Courtesy: Sharing Not Hoarding.

2017, October 15. Performing
Vacuous Vanities as part of accessible intergenerational cabaret, supported by Luminate, hosted by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

2017, September 7. Performing the role of 'Dad' in
The United Kingdom of Earth: A Brexit Opera at CCA, Glasgow. Directed by Dominic Robertson.

2017, July. Research weekend in Galloway developing the project 'Field', with a group of older artists who met at Cove Park. Funded by Creative Scotland.

2017, July 8. Unofficial performance of Silver Swimmer in The Secret Garden at the David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, at the invitation of Thank You Very Much.

2017, April 30. Silver Swimmer participated in the LGBT History Cabaret, presented by Dive, Juminate and LGBT Age at Traverse Bar, the Traverse, Edinburgh.

2017, April 20. Performing 'Scrubbing For Franki'. Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art.

2017, April 8. Performing 'Now You See Me, Now You Don't' with XSexcentenary as part of Buzzcut Festival. The Pearce Institute, Glasgow.

2017, February 16. Silver Swimmer performance: 'Keeping My Head Above Water'. Contribution to CABARET as part of LGBT History Month, Tron Theatre, Glasgow. Commissioned by Dive, Luminate and LGBT Age.

2016, October 8-9. As part of Sexcentenary, a Live Arts Development Agency DIY commission: 'Grey Matters'. Workshop/action in Brighton.

2016, August 4. As part of Sexcentenary: Organised by Accumulations', key-note performative speech for Precarious Assembly', 'WE REFUSE TO BE UNSEEN (2), Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

2016, July 9. As part of Sexcentenary: 'WE REFUSE TO BE UNSEEN (1)', part of Hazard 2016, St Ann's Square, Manchester.

2016, June 11: As part of Art Scrubbers (with Gerry O'Brien): Cleaning the Scotsman Steps, Edinburgh.

2016, May 20-22: 'Silver Swimmer', part of DA DEE AT, Performance Festival, Aberdeen.

2016, March 18: As part of Sexcentenary: 'Becoming Visible: Three Actions at Tate Britain'.

2015, November 28: 'Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty' was presented by Live Art Development Agency (LADA) for 'Old Dears' at Chelsea Theatre, London.

2015, November 25: Tired of Being Forever 21', Action at Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, London.

2015, August 29: 'Silvery Tay-Haired Women', Dundee Commons Festival.

2015, August 21:
Meet Meret, guest appearance in 'Surrealism Awake' by Duncan Comrie at Edinburgh Fringe.

2015, July 25 - August 29 : 'Empire', SSA, Wall Projects, Montrose.

2015, February: Participant in Ellie Harrison’s ‘Dark Days’ at GoMA, Glasgow

2015, January: ‘Endings’, PVAF, Strathearn Artspace, Crieff

2014, 'MFA Art,Society and Publics, Degree Show', Cooper Gallery, Dundee

2014, 'Performing Now': Generator, Dundee

2014, 'Performance Night': Pipe Factory, Glasgow

2014, 'Members Show': Generator, Dundee

2014, ‘Corridor ‘ DJCAD, Dundee

2013, 'Performing Now': Generator, Dundee

2013 ‘Invocations’ Roseangle Arts, Dundee

2013, '6x4’ Cooper Gallery Project Space, Dundee

2013, 'Members Show', Generator, Dundee

2013, 'Acts of Displacement'; D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee

2013, February: Participant in Suzanne Lacy’s ‘Silver Action’, Tate Modern, London

2012 ‘12/12/12’ MFA Work-in-progress, The Hub, DJCAD,Dundee


2018, March. Award to XSexentenary from Creative Scotland to increase funding for
Not Dead Yet as part of GI.

2018, February. Awarded funded place by CCA for Anne Bean workshop/residency at CAMP in July 2018.

2017, September, Award to XSexcentenary from Glasgow International to fund
Not Dead Yet, April/May 2018.

2017, July. Award from Creative Scotland to support the development of The Field, an artistic collaboration between five older artists; fine art Photographer Frank McElhinnney, playwright Lesley Wilson, myself, performer Ian Cameron and visual artist Annie Peel. The project is inspired by Lesley Wilson's play, A Woman, A Crow, A Giant and A Field.

2017, February 22-28, Residency; 'LAB FOR OLDER ARTISTS IN THE EARLY STAGES OF A NEW ARTISTIC CAREER'. Award courtesy of Cove Park, Magnetic North, Luminate and a-n The Artists Information Company.


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Giving greater voice and visibility to older women.

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Dundee Courier, featured artist, DJCAD Masters Show, August 2014

Dundee Courier, featured artist, Act of Displacement, D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee April 2013

TV and Radio

BBC Radio Scotland, March 2017, re LGBT History month.

BBC Radio Scotland, 29 June 2015,
Kaye Adams. (01:55.05 in.)

Summerhall TV, featured artist, February 2014