Bus Pass had a publication outcome. Duncan McLaren put together the stories each evening, after my days one to three on the buses, designing the long fold-out document that I would take with me and distribute both on the bus journeys in the second half of the week and at programmed events.

Below is the document on its launch day. Print-Flex on Duke Street printed 200 copies and these were being folded in Tapas, the café just off Duke Street. Several people that I met on the buses earlier in the week came along to the folding session. Though they had gone by the time this photo of friends was taken.


Am I pleased with the publication? I think it is a fair record of the project. I even read out a story to my pals. No, what I'm doing is singing the song, 'Bus Passing', to the tune of 'Nightclubbing' by Grace Jones.


I think maybe you need to take a closer look at the document. It has a distinctive structure, inviting to be looked at, unfolded, unfolded again, then turned over. Let's see if I can do that for you.


Does that make sense? I think it does. Now I take my thumb and open up the first fold…


Maybe you get the gist. For those who want more, here is some, including the conclusion of the story 'Bus Pass Heaven'. This is also the section that has the daft song, in the red box, bottom left. Oh, and the 'Bus Pass Award' middle-right:


If I now turn over the page, the two inner panels are as follows.


Which leaves only one panel that you've not seen yet. And here it is. Thanks for your attention.