FEB. 2024

Unlike Kate Clayton's own bio, which goes from most recent to oldest, Silver Swimmer's bio goes from oldest to most recent. In other words, to find out where Silver Swimmer has swum to, you need to scroll down.


Inaugural swim from Dundee to Aberdeen for DA DEE AT: Live Art Festival. Interviewed about her experience on Aberdeen beach by Gerry O'Brien.


2017 (1)

Silver Swimmer swims round the Isle of Bute and is photographed at the end of her swim, at Ettrick Bay, by Frank McElhinney. The image was shortlisted for Scottish Portrait Awards, 2017.


2017 (2)

Silver Swimmer participated in the LGBT History Cabaret, presented by Dive, Luminate and LGBT Age at Traverse Bar, the Traverse, Edinburgh. Keeping My Head Above Water was also performed at Tron Theatre, Glasgow.


2017 (3)

Green Swimming Pool. David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, hosted Thank You Very Much, who, in The Secret Garden, curated Littlewhitehead, whose work Inner Landscape was inhabited by Silver Swimmer on the afternoon of July 8, 2017. 


2018 (1)

Swimming for Dennistoun. Silver Swimmer protests against swimming charges for the over 60s being introduced at her local pool in the East End of Glasgow, Whitehill Pool.


2018 (2)

Silver Swimmer participated in group show 'Bathing Bells', curated, photographed and installed in Govanhill Baths by Denise Noone. Ceramic sculpture of Silver Swimmer by Melanie O'Donnell.



Save Whitehill Pool. Silver Swimmer joins a community protest against the proposed closure of her local swimming pool in Dennistoun.



Wardrobe. At the invite of David McCullough of Nomas* Projects, an opportunity to exhibit the costumes Kate Clayton has been wearing in her solo work over the last few years. Poster featuring Silver Swimmer by Owen Daily. 



Against the Fish Farm. Silver Swimmer protests about Dawnfresh's proposed fish farm off Bute, the day after hearing that SEPA (Scottish Environmental PROTECTION Agency) has provisionally approved Dawnfresh's plan.



Silver Swimmer injures her ankle in a fall. She slowly heals herself with the help of hot and cold water treatments, steam rooms and saunas, in Iceland and on a residency in Italy (the Museum of Loss and Renewal at Collemachia).



The Fight Goes On. Silver Swimmer turns up to a protest, organised by Don Staniford, against fish farms. The venue is in Glasgow's merchant city, a meal sponsored by MOWI, the huge foreign-owned 'aquaculture' company. Don Staniford wasn't able to make it in the end, so it was a lone protest.



Silver Swimmer doesn't know how many more performances she's got left in her. But she is actively looking for an opportunity to perform in her 74th year.

Activism may be more important than aesthetics. But neither is as important as swimming.

Here is a list of types of swimming that Silver Swimmer has already embarked on:

Wild swimming; tame swimming.

Real swimming; fake swimming.

Straight swimming; queer swimming.

Local swimming; international swimming.

Fast swimming; slow swimming.

Solo swimming; group swimming.

Selfish swimming; sacrificial swimming.

If there are other categories of swimming, Silver Swimmer would like to experience them.